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Review of the 2019 Vegas Tow Show


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OK, finally made it back to a Western States Tow Show by American Towman along with CTTA. While it is not an East Coast Show like Baltimore it is the place to meet Towers on the west coast. However, there were plenty of towers from the Midwest and surprising many from the east that normally attend the Baltimore Show. I know I missed quite a few members, just never crossed paths with them for some reason. I would list every member I met but I would surely leave a few out.


So, instead I am asking that you respond within this topic with your thoughts on the show. I understand the venue is changing next year and we will be posting that information as it becomes available. Also, I am giving much thought to a Thursday Night Meet & Greet at a Great Venue nearby. I want to know if there is interest in say an 8:30pm to 10:30pm Social. Again, yes this will be close to a popular nightspot so you can walk there easily. We have a few months to plan so please chime in with your thoughts on this year as well as next.


At the End of the year we rate the 2019 Tow Shows something we have neglected during the change to TowForce.

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 I enjoyed talking with you in the registration line but didn’t cross paths after that encounter. The tow show was very well done . I found every vendor I wanted to talk to and saw many people I haven’t seen for years. Well worth the time. Bob Berry

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Sorry Bob, I was near you a couple of times. But for a smaller venue than Baltimore it was still difficult to get to everyone. We are going to look it to a Meet and Greet next year, visited a good location on Saturday. If it comes together it should be very successful.


It was good seeing you though, would have liked to have followed up. The were certainly quite a few I would have liked to have seen more than once. Caught up to a couple of those at the airport late Sunday. Their flight were delayed, guess we got lucky in that aspect. Guess I'll have to wait till Tennessee in October to see many of you.

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This was my first time to attend the Vegas show. I thought it was a well organized and executed show. Although it was an indoors event and that's a new "style" of show for me, compared to the outdoor shows I've attended, I found the indoor format to work very well. The floor plan was easy to follow and locate the booth spaces I wanted to visit. 


I'm glad to have gotten a few moments at the show to stop and talk, along with having bumped into you and Christopher at the airport and having gotten a few extra minutes to talk. 



~ I'm not an attorney, nor do I represent to be one. I provide my personal opinion and that on behalf of myself, my company and our operations.

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