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1982 Ford F-600 with 600 Holmes and Century III under reach

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Have a nice '82 F-600 V-8 370 c.i. gas, 5 speed with 2 speed rear. Formerly from a North Carolina municipal bus garage, this is a really clean, rust-free old gal. 600 Holmes body and a Century III 50,000 lb. wheel lift. 


Has 33,000 ORIGINAL miles; bus company only used it for their own towing. Was garaged in NC. Fresh tune up and new brake system recently. Runs perfect.


Truck is currently registered and inspected and ready to use daily. 


Perfect for an in-town wrecker, start-up business, or spare truck for recovery. 663764035_FirstTow621191.thumb.jpg.a1807d5a2a9bb6e38b7cc931eb0e24a8.jpg1470526980_FirstTow621192.thumb.jpg.7f8999877e1115c38db25d3b50c596ab.jpg


Comes with 3 sets of forks and 2 sets of L brackets/wheel cradles. Lot of equipment included actually.


Obviously, yellow isn't doing it any justice....This truck deserves a nice, new paint job.


Asking $7,700.00 OBRO. We can deliver it to you if needed as well.


email inquiries to: ironmountainiron@gmail.com



F600Wrecker #5.jpg

F600Wrecker #6.jpg

F600Wrecker #3.jpg

F600Wrecker #4.jpg

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Too dumb for NYC, too ugly for L.A.....

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