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Questions about the new forums? you can get your Answers here


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As it has been up for a while now, if you have any questions about the new forum software you can ask it here or PM us. even if its questions where it this ship heading.

or if a webinar of some sort would be more helpful for you all?




Christopher Parrish
Community Manager / Web AdminTowing Information Network
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So far, I think the new setup is great.  Some nicer features than the old board.   I am just curious... why the new site and all.  Why not just upgrade tow411.net?  I thought it seemed odd to have tow411 and towforce.


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Tow411 the message board is being phased out. Tow411 the Towing Information Network is the Parent to TowForce, TowTruckShopper, TowCareers and Tow.Photo along with other Towing & Recovery related sites yet to be developed. In the end this is just Tow411 2.0 and the new name reflects on the New Force in the Industry.

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Yes, the supporter status is being set as well as number of posts. The supporter status will permit the Patron/Sponsor to list equipment and access supporter level forums.

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Many Old posts are still archived on the old board. The two systems would not work together proper and Yuku/Tapatalk was unwilling to help with the transition.


Many topics are being recreated here and many will remain there as archives.

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The new system has been up and running about 18 months now.


What thoughts are out there, we want to hear those that recall the

old system and from those that are new to the message board world.


Best response in the next 10 days earns a towers Prayer T-Shirt.

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I like the ease and look of the newer system. I am missing the ability to look back at all the old posts, but they may get here eventually. 


One thing that keeps throwing me off is that we have to scroll all the way to the bottom of all the replies to get to the next unread topic. A suggestion might be a way to make it swipe left or right.

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