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WreckMaster Blog - 6 Reasons you need towing training

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In our almost three decades, we’ve been told repeatedly by operators that they don’t training or that they are too experienced for our courses.

We also know from first-hand experience that this is rarely true. That’s why we’re giving you Six Reasons You Need Towing Training:


It will keep you safe

1-SAFE.png?width=100&name=1-SAFE.pngIt goes without saying that towing isn’t the safest profession. Towers are constantly placed in dangerous situations and rarely receive the same respect from the motoring public that first responders do.


In North America, one towing operator is killed working roadside roughly once every six days. The only thing that can keep you safe on the side of the road is yourself. With WreckMaster training, you will learn how to safely create a barrier between you and the motoring public as well as best practices for staying safe while on scene.

It will keep your equipment in better shape

2-EQUIPMENT.png?width=100&name=2-EQUIPMENT.pngIt is the responsibility of every tow operator to know the capabilities and limitations of their equipment. However...that isn’t always the case. The simple truth is that even experienced operators aren’t getting the most of their equipment, or even worse, exceeding what their equipment is capable of.

In our training, we teach students not only how to safely operate their equipment, but how to also maintain the health of their tools.

You will work faster

3-FASTER.png?width=100&name=3-FASTER.pngWhen you go through WreckMaster training, you learn to take out the guess-work. You learn how to evaluate and calculate every job the right way the first time.

This efficiency means you can get your customers on their way faster and you can be on to your next job more quickly.

You will make more money

4-MONEY.png?width=100&name=4-MONEY.pngWreckMaster can help you make more in a number of ways:

When you are more efficient, you spend less time on scene. This means you can take on more jobs.

When you know how to properly maintain your equipment, your tools and equipment last longer. When you’re not constantly replacing tools, you’re saving money.

WreckMaster certification is proof that you know your stuff. This means you can justify your rates more easily to customers.

You become part of a community

5-COMMUNITY.png?width=100&name=5-COMMUNITY.pngWreckMaster is a community. For almost three decades, we have been building comradery in the towing and recovery industry.

Anyone who has ever attended a WreckMaster training course knows that our industry is strongest when it works together.

You will learn something new

6-LEARN.png?width=100&name=6-LEARN.pngNot all of our students attend our training by their choice; sometimes they are sent by their company’s owner or manager. Our instructors have heard it all:

“I don’t need training, I’ve been in the industry for years.”

“There’s nothing you can teach me that I haven’t learned on the road.”

After three decades, there is one thing we can say for certain - no one has ever left a WreckMaster course without learning something new. No matter how much you think you know, there is always something else to learn.

Join us and help us keep growing the towing industry of tomorrow.

Cya in the ditch.


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Training is a fast track to one increasing their pay. Training is the path to becoming a safe operator as well as mitigating the risks of working alongside of the road. Everyone needs training on a regular basis. A trained and competent operator is a valuable operator, he or she will be able to command top dollar in the workplace, and will easily be able to walk from a less than adequate workplace and chose where they will go rather than accept what is out in the market. A competent company will and should always make room and accommodate a trained and competent operator with a good attitude. The ROI on a trained and competent operator is extremely high.  

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