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2015 Matjack Fall Factory Class

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This Class was held in Philly and the topic was created on Tow411 in October of 2015:


Some pictures and videos of the class in philly.  Should be noted, the tanker is loaded..... and it's not the easiest tanker to up-right, as it's not a big fat petroleum tanker.  We had a small LD wrecker on the steer axle of tractor only to assist in up-right.  In all reality we could have used a cushion there also.

dry van body is loaded, and sidewall damage a bit

If you missed out on any of the 2015 factory class programs, we are scheduling three for 2016, possibly a few more.  Vermont, Philly, and Indy are presently on tap.  Dates will hopefully be announced at Baltimore tow show

The current Factory team line up is:  Howard "scooby" Eagan, Jeff Martin, Dale McLaughlin.
and helping us out as a field instructor from time to time is Brendan Kilkenny.

air bag/cushion training for both the recovery and rescue that is second to none within the professions 

 the most qualified instructors having extensive verifiable field experience 










Hvywreckerw900 said:

We need another Syracuse or Buffalo class.






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