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One Lucky Driver  

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in July of 2014:


On Friday, May 23rd at approximately 3:30pm, One of our drivers rolled up to an overturned tractor trailer on top of a passenger car at the off ramp from I-480 to Broadway Ave. in Garfield Hts, Ohio. At that point, although we were aware that another tow company serviced that municipality, our primary concern was life safety and potential entrapment, so we offered our help. Once we knew that all parties had been safely removed from the vehicles, the police department informed our driver that their tower was going to perform the recovery. At this time, G&M Towing arrived on scene. After a discussion between our operator and theirs, we found out that the trailer was loaded with 40,000+ pounds of Orange juice. At that time, it was recognized that this would be a textbook air cushion recovery, should they choose to go that route. Within minutes they made their decision and they requested our air cushion recovery team. We got our trailer and operators headed that way while the operators from G&M prepared the unit for tow upon completion. 
Once our crew and recovery trailer arrived on scene, the incident Commander and police released the scene to the towers. Working together, both Companies had a hand in placing the cushions, as well as placing the straps and chains for the upright. Using 6 of our Jumbos, we uprighted the trailer and caught it with 3 landing Cushions. 
At this time, all of our equipment was packed away, the car was loaded on a flat bed, the full unit was hooked by one of their heavy wreckers, and we all shook hands and cleared the scene. Once back at G&M's facility, they were able to refire the reefer unit, which in turn saved the load.
We would like to thank the crew from G&M Towing. It was a pleasure to work with those guys.
As always,
towman92266 said:
Nice job and very cool you guys were able to save a life and then work the recovery with the duty wrecker.
Chuck MacLellan
Operations Manager
Dave's Heavy Towing,Inc.
DragNTow tubebronze.gif said:
It's always great to see two towing companies working TOGETHER! Our industry needs more of this. Maybe the Democrats and Republicans in Washington could learn a thing or two from you guys. Great job.

Happy Haulin................DragNTow
Fetch said:
Incredible that the driver's seat of the car was JUST BEHIND the cab of the truck.
Scooby said:
textbook job:
for those of you that are looking to buy air cushions, don't be mislead by salesman that have no field experience and tell you that you only need four cushions. There's a reason you load the side wall... These guys do air cushion jobs regularly..
Foxtow82 said:
Nice teamwork guys. Great job as always Bob, Brendan, and crews from both companies!

Matjackman tubeplatinum.gif said:
Another great job, thanks for sharing


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