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called to tow a train


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Topic created on Tow411 by secrestwrecker in July of 2007:


Well we received a call from a local feed mill today. They stated that they needed us to tow a train emoticonhuh.gif. After we got over the initial shock of hearing that we found out that their switcher had caught on fire, so they needed us to pull it and the four cars it was hooked to back down the tracks so our crane could pick it up and load it on a trailer. All four cars were loaded. We took W-53, our 72 KW with the 50 ton Grant/Holmes boom. We ran a line off of the drag winch to the front car, and pulled everything backwards by driving down the service road on the side of the tracks. It couldn't even tell anything was behind it.






Dualie said:

How did you get it stopped? Did you have to put air to the cars to get them rolling?


secrestwrecker said:

The yard supervisors were on hand when we did this, they stayed on the cars and used the manual brakes to stop everything, we went very slow also, low gear at an idle, to keep things from getting away from us.


Dualie said:

Awesome. thats one mean looking KW i like it!



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