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Rollover Recovery In South Boston

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This doesn't look like other Air Cushion Recoveries I have seen.


While the recovery was successful, I would like to hear some opinions.


Professional discussions have always been what sets the message board apart from other forms of social media. Let's hear it...


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Hey! I did that one, those are catch bags not lift bags best thing we ever got! Once the weight transfers over they let it come down nice and easy with out the unit slamming down.


Theres a million different ways to do it but this seemed like a good option for the situation I was facing.


So the whole unit was 97k full off glass beer bottles, the whole load had shifted and the wall of the container was sticking out about a good foot and a half.


The job went great there were no issues, but in the future I’m always going to disconnect the container first, and roll it at yard. Just all around safer.

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