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Cement Mixer rolled over

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Received a call from Buckler's Towing that they needed us to assist them to recover a loaded cement mixer that slid down a hill at a golf course and completely flipped over with wheels up and tank down. We had to use our 60 ton rotator to lift the entire chassis off the loaded tub after we cut it free and disconected all the hoses and wiring. We then loaded the chassis onto our 35 ton landoll trailer for transport to Lawrence's Yard. We also used both heavy duty wreckers to winch the tub up the hill onto flat ground for transport.














Towing4u said:

as always robert, NICE job.........you guys keep me watching to see whats next.........


Ed Barker said:

I would definitely say you did it the best way possible, that dude was in a mess,,,good job.


DW Carter said:

Nice work.


BTS3 said:

That was one of the first jobs I did with you guys. It went really smooth, given it was a little cold

I actually transported that chassis not too long ago to one of their other garages for parts. It was still a mess. Good thing the driver was not in it and no one got hurt!!


EricGodard CA Said:

Quote:Good thing the driver was not in it

How did it get there with out the driver?
Very nice job with the recovery, Good to see you guys able to work together!!


BTS3 said:

Eric, the truck slid down the hill with the brakes on. The driver left the mixer so he could walk the hill and see if he could make it in and out....then this happened.


EricGodard CA said:

Well I guess he has right to walk it!!! To bad when you seem to do everything right and then this happens to the guy!!!!
Thanks for the info!


Heavytowman12 said:

Looks like nice team work! The one photo looks like you were going to winch it the the drain pipe. It lined up perfect for that. Nice Job!




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