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hand cranked reliable tow unit

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Posted by an unknown member on Tow411 in August of 2007:


i was digging around in my backyard and came across it. my grandfather and i took it off a ford AA about 10 years ago. we have a 28 international stuck in the bard that i would like to stick it on someday.







aussiehooker said:

good stuff would love to get lost in amongst all that old iron looks like you have a bit of work in front of you i spoke to a kiwi a couple of years ago he told me about an old motor bike all rusted and siezed that he found in a well he soaked it in molassis for about 18 months some bits longer apparently molasses reverses the rust process i rode the old indian nice bike just thought it might help with the old wrecker winch and bits rather than blasting and sanding i havent tried it do a little research might help happy hooking


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