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Pros and Cons MPL 40

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02-27-17: Edwards Towing Wrote,

Just looking for pros and cons I have only run a century 312 has anyone ran both and which one do you prefer I seem to see more Mpl 40 then century 312 or valcon 807R Thanks


ESC said:

We used to have a Vulcan 807R.... had no issues... but didnt like the exposed cylinders on the wheel lift to close the claws... i broke one at $500 each... not fun. My fault, but they are in a bad spot. Great unit though.

We now have sold that truck and no longer have a Vulcan dealer nearby as we did. So we now have 2 MPL40s. Ours are on Dodge 5500 4x4 chassis with 84ca. Perfect combo. It will do anything I need, and its a winching animal. As long as you can keep the truck sitting still, it will move whatever you hook the lines too. Had a situation where i was called to a majore wreck involvine a few cars and an F150 with heavy damage- got to the scene and found the f150 was actually a F550 quad cab stake body... put it on the sling and got the job done. Its a solid unit. Very happy with them both.


Toms1952 said:

we use MPL 40s . I have never had to send the rollback because it couldn't complete a job. But i have had to send the Mpl40 because the rollback couldn't complete the job. get up the hill. go off road. Motorcycles anything, it will do it.


toms1952A.md.jpg toms1952B.md.jpg toms1952D.md.jpg toms1952E.md.jpg


Melville said:

love the mpl 40


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The only con I can think of is in the rare case you have to use the sling, I would rather call for a rollback than manhandle the sling. I have only had to deploy the sling three times in 5 years and I pulled a muscle the last time so I removed it altogether. other than that my next truck will be a MPL40.

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