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What uniforms are you guys using? We are considering new options


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We have been using Cintas for our uniforms.  I am happy with them overall, but looking into options.  Currently, we have uniforms for our whole crew, but we all choose to wash our own at home rather than use the Cintas service.  So we are paying weekly for a service that we don't use.  I am looking into buying uniforms outright for our guys.  I really like the gray with vi his that Cintas uses.  Their price to buy seems a bit high for the quality so I wanted to see what is working for you guys before I make any moves.





Back of tshirt.JPG

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I use frysworkuniforms on Ebay and get slightly used clothing.  I have no problems, most have the safety stripe on the garment.  I also buy the yellow or red reflective sew on tape and find shirts and pants on Ebay  and I sew the reflective stripe on.  Stay away from brown or light colored shirts,.   I take a tax deduction on washing my uniforms, $$ every month adds up.  

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