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Update--4-13-19 Bob "Schmitty" Schmid

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A post on FB satated Bob "Schmitty" Schmidt had another Appointment with his Cardiologist this past Tuesday.


They changed alot of his meds and his heart is still weak. The Dr.'s don't know if his heart went weak because he went
into A-Fib (Irregular Heart Beat) or he went into A-Fib because his heart went weak?


Was there possibly an ACUTE VIRAL INFECTION?


The Dr.s cannot give us a definable answer. He goes in this Friday to have a Cardio-Version (this is where they SHOCK your heart into rhythm). So those of you that DOUBT this Man had a Mild Heart Attack---Shame ON YOU! He has dedicated his LIFE to the TOWING INDUSTRY and if he wanted this time off work--don't you think he would be in Florida at the Tow Show---NO---He is HOME RECOVERING!!


Have any Doubts I will be Happy to connect you with his Cardiologist! Stop questioning his INTEGRITY!!


Bob "Schmitty" Schmidt - Heavy Duty Operator Rich's Towing and Service Inc. 20531 First Ave. Middleburg Hts. OH 44130 440-234-3435 www.richstowing.net



NOTE: Schmitty60 was a member on Tow411 with more than 100 posts. Though we have not heard from this member is sometime our thoughts 7 prayers go out to a fellow tower. If anyone has any information or can contact Schmitty to respond. Interacting during any rehab can be therapeutic.





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Posted (edited)

Get well soon  Schmitty....    from your fellow towers from across the pond......



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Hey Schmitty ... here's to you taking the time to mend your heart. Get well soon from Christine and myself, Alpine, Califorina.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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