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New Western Star & Volvo rears???


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08-31-17: Silverhawk Wrote,

Boss sent me texts with photos of a new type rear drive assy that requires all four axles removed prior to towing.  This is to protect rear drivers, not transmissions.  Anyone hear about this or have more info?  Supposed to be in 18 year models?

Just learned that Freightliners also have this type rears.


canadiantowman said:

I had read this on Facebook, yes it's true. Need to keep an eye out for the purple air line running to the axle. If I can find what I had read I will post a link for you.


Towman1001 said:

just call Daimler they said if it is a Detroit rear pull the axles all 4.   if it is any other just pull the drive line


TowJohns said:

i just got off the phone with Detroit, they have nothing on a towing procedure of the new ALM rears, if you have any thing on the proper towing procedure please post it 


Silverhawk said:

Anyone laid their eyes on this new type rear end?  Same axle caps or special sizes???


glnstowing said:

I just watched a video on the Detroit website, the ALM is an air operated valve and splash shield. It says in the video that in the event of air loss it goes into a default position allowing full oil flow. I'm no engineer but I would think with the key off it would be fine, or pull the air line so it's forced into default. Of course still pull the driveshaft. Just my thoughts, wish someone would do a towing manual for big trucks like they do for cars, it would be worth every penny.


TowJohns said:

that is what i thought, but the engineer could not dammit to that


stmac said:

Anyone else hear anything about this? I thought the air in the axle was used to limit the oil on the gearing to a certain extent to increase fuel economy. So losing air pressure or disconnecting the air line would not really cause a mechanical concern.

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I talked with my driveline guy at freightliner who made a call to the big guys that supposedly know all, according to what they told him pulling the shaft is fine on these as they default to full oil.  In order for it to switch to the conservative side oil flow there are certain parameters the computer needs to see ie. speed sensor input, oil temperature, etc etc. standard tow shouldn't be a problem, however the days of letting them idle for a short tow are no longer

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