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2019 Viper Blue Peterbilt 567 & Jerr-Dan 50-Ton Heavy Duty Wrecker - Stock#9845N

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2019 Viper Blue Peterbilt 567 Heavy Duty Wrecker
Contact Sales 1-800-849-2178
Ask about this truck by stock number: (9845N)


Reach farther and lift more with Jerr-Dan 50 Ton Wreckers. Jerr-Dan offers this unit with a 3-stage recovery boom unmatched in reach and capacity. Configured with the Jerr Dan 530 (3-stage) this unit brings the towing AND recovery performance demanded in today’s industry. Whether it’s handling standard lifts, or tasking complex rollovers, the Jerr-Dan 50 Ton Wreckers offer best-in-class performance. Now built with the JFB Body, Jerr-Dan completes the package with more for your business: more towing performance, more storage, more time-saving organization. And the result? More to your bottom line.


Engineered with Jerr-Dan’s exclusive Incident Management-Driven (IMD) Design methodology, this hardworking wrecker features:

• Roll-up storage doors — easy to see and be seen roadside
• Boom and underlift control access from both sides of the chassis for safe, reliable operation
• An independently shock-mounted body design, which flexes with chassis twist to reduce the wear associated with extreme-use conditions
• Advanced LED lighting kit for high visibility

Jerr-Dan SS70 Side Stabilization System

JFB Silver Storage Solution 

Highlights of the 2019 Peterbilt 567 tractor:
-    Exterior Color: Viper Blue
-    Chassis: 246 inch Cab-to-Tandem
-    Engine: Cummins ISX15 565HP Motor
-    Eaton Fuller 18spd Transmission
-    3.91 Rear Axle Ratio
-    18.7 CFM Air Compressor
-    26in Aluminum 100 gal Fuel Tank Driver Side
-    200 Amp Alternator, Standard Brush
-    Dana Spicer 20K Front Axle 
-    Air Disc Front Brakes
-    Dana Spicer 46K Rear Axles 
-    Air Disc  Rear Brakes, Tandem Drive Axle
-    Watson-Chalin Self-Steering 20K Pusher Axle 
-    Anti-Lock Braking System
-    Cruise Control 
-    Stainless Steel Sun Visor
-    Dash Mounted Dump Switch w/Indicator Light for Rear Suspension
-    Peterbilt Premium Ultraride Air Ride Black Driver & Passenger Seats
-    Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
-    Platinum Interior –Arctic Gray
-    Stainless Steel Mirrors HTD & Motorized
-    (4) Round Air Horns
-    Mid-level Speaker System
-    AM/FM/CD/Sirius-XM Radio
-    SmartNav System
-    Smart LINQ Remote Diagnostics


This Unit May Also Be Referred To As:
Mobile Crane
Wheel Lift
Twin Line

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-1.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-2.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-3.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-4.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-5.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-6.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-7.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-8.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-9.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-10.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-11.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-12.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-13.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-14.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-15.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-16.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-17.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-18.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-19.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-20.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-21.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-22.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-23.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-24.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-25.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-26.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-27.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-28.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-29.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-30.jpg

9845N_2019_Viper Blue_Peterbilt_567_JerrDan_JD50INT-31.jpg

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