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750 End Roll


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01-01-07: DWCarter Wrote,



Here's a picture from the early 90s of a end roll using a 750 and a 25 ton ATTAC. This was playing in the yard. You have to rig outside the box instead of over the box. Over the years we have rolled a lot of things using this method with short or fixed booms. We were repairing a frame-less dump one time that I used to endroll with a 8 ton Chevron on one end and the 750 on the other end.


Hpgtowing said:

Dennis.. Nice work! Ya just can't ever sell a 750 short... They are true work aholics! They can do anything with the right man at the controls... You always show that... Nice job.. Love that old iron..... Stay well.. Steve


Excessiveforce52 said:

looks good.... just goes to show ,not all the time is the size of the unit so important.....but the knowledge of the operator at the controls that can make it work.


Da Wash Boss said:

CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the knowledge of the operator. One can have a brand new state of the art truck, this does not make him a professional, but yet someone else can have that 750 in the photo above and can do anything with it.
great picture!!!!!!!

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT


Towing4u said:

dennis thanks for the walk down memory lane....i miss our two 750s all the time....then you had to be an operator, not a man with a ton of power, but a knowledge of physics too


Paulie 417 said:

Had a 72 K/W with a 750 sure wish I still had it today. I like to see old pic,s.


Gale25yrs said:

Nice picture but no details. The box must be empty since the 750 is rigged only to the bottom and the legs appear to be holding thier own. I've righted a reefer with 10,000 lbs of truck parts in it with two one ton hydraulics before.


DW Carter said:

Gale, it was empty. I posted it because of a recent post where the person said they ran out of height trying to end roll one. Thought maybe this picture would stir a little discussion about different ways and techniques.


TC said:

DW,the first discussion it will stir is the one that says you can't do that with a cable machine,hehe.Hydraulics have spoiled us.I've got a half and half.Cable machine with all hydraulic winches.I've got days when the all mechanical looks good.Like when the Zack electrics decide today ain't your day and tomorrow isn't looking much better.NEVER buy a Zack without the manual override.They don't mess up often but when they do it's at the worst possible moment.


Max King said:

Dennis, can't really see how it is rigged, but looks like the drivers side rope is going out to a dead man then back to the suspension? So you lifted with the low side and turned it with the drivers side rope? Nice job.



DW Carter said:

Bruce, on this one we picked the rear at one point with the 750 and used the AATAC to roll. The AATAC had one line hooked in th 5th wheel plate coming out the front for the lift and the other line was hooked toward the rear of the plate coming up on the side before coming out the front, this was the roll line. Most times the boom is up over top the load but when you can't get up that high you have to rig outside the box.


Hanson MA said:

Great photo Dennis, keep em' coming. Kevin


MTA14 said:

that's whats referred to "kickin it old school".I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.


dudewheremy50ton said:

ok lets just say im new school. will 2 750's do that i cant really tell how its rigged. like i said im new schoo


Berts112 said:

I would never have done it that way, would haveNever wanted to do it that way I wouldn't even wan't to be aroud it. THAT TRAILER HAS AIDS!!!

anyways nice way to think your way through a situation using the equipment at hand and good to see people practicing in their spare time. It would be cool to see your hook ups thoughBGAMZW55.jpgcard.jpg


DW Carter said:

Jeremy, yes, you could do this with two 750s. Even with rotators or big sticks if overhead height is limited, ie. under bridge or power lines this is another option.

Garry, the AIDS name may have put that company out of business. lol

In the photo we used the 750 to just pick at one point and the AATAC rolled and controlled, kinda like a wheelbarrow, 750 being the wheel and the AATAC being the handles.

I don't have any good hook up pictures and am not a artist but maybe this will help.



The drawings are supposed to show using both trucks to roll and control. You have to keep a little room between the trucks and the load. The lift and control line is hooked to the fifth wheel plate above the pin on the front, on the rear hook around the slide rail on the high side and come out inside the ICC bar. The lift and roll line is hooked back on the fifth wheel plate or at the landing gear and routed out the side and around the nose, on the rear hook forward on the bottom slide rail and route out the side and up around the rear. Just a few feet up on the bottom side is all that you need on a empty, if the center of gravity is higher then roll lines would need to be higher. When you pick up and the load is suspended it will center up behind the trucks, as you lift with the roll lines let out on the control lines to keep the tires close to the ground, but make sure to keep them off of the ground. It should sit down inline with the wreckers. Hope this makes sense.

A good way to practice this is on a older full size pass. van, something that you can hook to the frame out close to the ends, with two small wreckers to play and get a feel for it.

Over the years this has been my favorite trick learned at WreckMaster. We have endrolled trailers, box trucks, dump trucks, just about anything that can be hooked securely at the ends.


HDTowman said:

Nice you mentioned practicing with the old van, I used a Dodge window van that I accquired froma rollover wreck.
I end rolled it with a '88 Century 442 on a F-350.
left one end on the ground and end rolled the other, front and rear. it stayed centered behind the truck, and gave no tilting pressure at all. Figured it was good practice, any other tips?


Max King said:

Thanks for the drawings, it makes perfect sense now. We did something like this in Wreckmasters with a bus. Used a med duty wrecker on the nose with on hook like you are doing and used two 12" straps on the rear. One under the bus on up onto the roof and the other over the top to control the roll. That one you need some room for a stick to be over the top rear of the bus.




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