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How Motor Clubs Rank With Towers


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Thought I would bring this topic back around as we are gearing up for our annual Motor Club Rankings. Since there is no longer a General Motor Club forum I have placed it in 411 main Street a General Topic forum.


08-10-13: EKYtow55 Wrote,

I'm just amazed how different the rankings are between Tow Co.'s, while some rank a particular club at the top and another Co. will place it at the bottom, I just wonder why some service providers are treated well by certain Motor Clubs and others not, speaking for myself only I look and see other local Tow co.'s towing for certain Motor Clubs that only offered me substandard rates and I can't see how they do it, or just maybe they're not being paid rates they offered me, who knows!  

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Miracle 1 Said:

Because a club is only as good as their Representative.....If you have a good rep clubs are okay,if not they stink! The real issue is good zone reps, vendor reps are few and far between and spread out among several motor clubs...Personally, I want rate any club higher then the other because deep down I feel they all stink, They all share the same ideal of making as much as they possibly can off the backs of the people actually doing the work and making the investment,The true definition of a parasite!
Kenny Miracle
''Miracles Do Happen Here''



Occupant272 said:

I've had very good experiences and very bad experiences with all the clubs we service in the past couple of weeks. I totally agree, no one is any better than the others. I've had days I've made a week's worth of pay in one day. I had a day yesterday when I was the King of Dry Runs and GOAs. It's all relative and over time I'm sure it aggregates out to a cardboard sandwich.
Alan Moore - Westerville, OH
TOAD Towing & Roadside Assistance
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