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Check this out, isn't that the...

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Turbo Transport said:
yep! that's what happens when your lazy and don't tie down correctly!
Now he gets to try to explain his lazy ways to the owner of the biz and the car.
Josh Peery
Turbo Transport Towing & Recovery
hartstowing said:
still makes me laugh every time i see it tho. some people just refuse to take the extra 5 min to secure the load right
Did anyone watch the endangered child video? It came up after this one ended.


Unknown Member said:

WTF ok I am all for teaching my kids how to learn to tow but only on my own cars not someone else's and yes they do where gloves. yes they do have boots with steel toes and NO they do not ever get behind my pickup truck they will go around the wrecker to get to the other side. yes they follow me only I know I endanger myself in this line of work everyday. I get behind the wheel of a wrecker going to wrecks at night. but there is no HELL on earth way I would let my child do what that guy let his child do.


I am sorry if I strike someones nerve but I have 3 boys and no I would not let them do that. My little pick up yes I do let my kids LEARN to use a flatbed I do not let them drive They use the controls only they watch where I place the chains and so forth maybe when my kids get older I will let them but until than MY terms it's the old saying MY way or the highway.


I am sorry for cussing it burns me up (tennis shoes the kid was wearing my god) parking brake was not set I could go on for a little it . If I strike a nerve in someone I am sorry. I am also sorry for cussing

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