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January Supporter Invoices

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I have fallen seriously behind on sending out supporter renewal invoices over the past few months. I contribute this to the direction the old system had taken. Now that this new community is coming together I will be asking for the continued support from present and recent past supporters. The Towing Information Network has a budget which must be met each year. Platinum Sponsors cover third of budget and Gold Sponsors cover a third. That leaves a third depending on the support from Silver, Bronze and All Patron Levels.


If you receive an invoice and you do not desire to participate in this support. Either let me know or decline/cancel the invoice. Thank you


For those who can support this community please check out the supporter levels at http://www.towforce.net/store/category/1-subscriptions/


Again, Thank you and while my preference is to keep this to a minimum I will be sending out several invoices and wanted to give those members an explanation. Again Thank you for your community participation and support.

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We have been so focused bringing the community back from what was a virtual fire. That I not gotten anywhere near catching up on supporter invoices. The operating funds are seriously depleted and I need to find time to get back on track.


I want to Thank those Patrons & Sponsors that have had faith in our abilities to keep the only Industry message board community active. Kat has added tons new  features and there are more to follow. The primary advantage of a message board is that you can miss a day or days and still keep up with the industry. Clicking unread content will take you to topics you may not have seen. No attempting to follow a timeline for industry related topic. Most all topics are industry related.


If you like the new venue, please let us know and if you can support the new force in the industry please click the link above.

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