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Working for the Money!!!!!!

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12-21-05: Part Timer Wrote,

This was part of my morning, received a call from the local contractor looking after the main and back (logging) roads for Snow clearing and Ice control.


There was a vehicle blocking the road so the sand/salt truck could not get through. They dispatched a second truck to ensure I could get to their location. I was warned of the road conditions before I left (sheer ice). Here is what I found on arrival.




As you can see the contractor had a good bed of sand down for me when I arrived. It was a challenge to walk pass the RV.




Sorry the pictures don't show it,but the passenger front wheel is hanging in mid air. Where the RV stoped, it is a 30 foot drop to the river below. Decided to go for a two point pull using a holmes tree to steady the front end as I winched the vehicle straight back. Set one snatch block at the tree and set the second one low on the wrecker.



Would liked to have the tree closer to road level but it was the only option I had....




At the end though the customer drove his RV away happy that it was not floating in the river. Rob

The foam insulation you see on the road was something the owner had attempted for traction before I arrived.


Doug Fitzgerald said:

Very good work !!! Rigged just like I would if I had did it.


Ed Barker said:

Thanks for sharing Rob,that road looked like a skating rink.


Curt Sharp said:

very good job. It is nice to see some creative rigging once in awhile. That was one close ride for the rv!!


Part Timer said:

Believe or not the owner spent the night in it fetched on the parcular angle.......

Also forgot to mention that this area is a cellular dead zone, so no source of communications to the outside world.
Bigger parts than mine obviously....... He was able to get out the rear window though. Rob


Dlock13 said:

How was climbing up that enbankment to hook to that tree in the ice? Nothing like the only tree that is suitable is straight up a steep bank. Looks like a fun job though.




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