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Martineau's Old Equip


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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by 88autocarnrc in January of 2013


townhooker said:
Awsome pictures! Find more! Love the Holmes "Add More Length" Boom.
88autocarnrc added:
northeast said:
Rocking pictures. Whats the company's history, still around?
jeepfreek said:
great pics.thank you.regards jim[canuk]fraser.
88autocarnrc said:
company was started by my great grandfather in 1928 and we are still going at its original location in Methuen ma. Theres alot more pictures on our facebook page but i plan on putting more up on this site soon, still kinda new to it
ole8212 said:
Great post can't wait to see what else you have. On the last picture it says body and fender  straightening that's and old saying you don't hear anymore. Thanks for posting.
Albert Battelini
rotator60 said:
Thanks for sharing your companies history through the pictures..
michael212 said:
Nice! Keep'm coming if you have more!!!
LPD167 said:
Awsome pictures. The trucks and garage are great!!
Bill Ludewig said:
Gotta love those old pictures.I have always been a fan of your Autocar with the Holmes 850. Is that Autocar still around? I remember seeing pictures of it on your lowboy,at a Tow Show a few years ago.Please keeping posting the old pictures. To me the old pictures are one of the best parts of Tow 411.Thank you very much for posting your Towing Company History photos. Bill Ludewig  Ernies Wrecker Service  Vernon Hills Illinois
88autocarnrc said:
'm glad everyone enjoys them!! I have a lot more pictures they were on the old fashion slides so I am having them put on a cd should be done in a week..........hey bill yes the autocar is still around and I finally convinced my father to restore it but that's a slow process
Bill Ludewig said:
Thanks for the reply. I am very glad to hear your Autocar/Holmes 850 is still around.Better yet,you are restoring the truck.Love old Wreckers, and their history.  Please give me a call when you get the chance. I couple of things I would like to talk to you about.  847-343-6681 Cell  Thank you, Bill Ludewig  Ernies Wrecker Service  Vernon Hills Illinois 
88autocarnrc said:
They everyone i got a couple slides back heres a few now but theres about 45 of them on my profile under old slides enjoy!!!
Bill Ludewig said:
WOW -Great photos, Really like the one of the new Ford with the new Holmes Wrecker. So did you buy that truck? And, I also really like the photos of your Autocar/850 Holmes. Thank you very much for posting all those photos. Bill Ludewig  Ernie's Wrecker Service  Vernon Hills Illinois
dsc said:
Great pictures, thanks for sharing...
vulcanuk said:
out standing pictures, i love older recovery photo,s especially with adapted units like yours
strollostowing said:
The picture of the GMC with the Holmes 650 is my favorite. Is that your grandfather? I met him once a long time ago. He was a true wreckerman. If I remember correctly he was crushed under a bus once and was able to get out and survived? I think that was the story. Did not Frank Coady begin his career @ Martineau's ? You have legacy in the industry and some great old pictures . Be proud and keep it going.
thank you
spanky said:
Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I really dig the ''47-53 GMC, with the W35.
88autocarnrc said:
Im glad everyone enjoys the pics! ......Yes Sean that was my grandfather.. bus fell on him in 87 and he survived and drove home (crazy old man) and yup Frank did work for him way before my time. My brother and I are currently taking over tuff industry tho with a lot of bad politics. Thank you for the post i appreciate the good words you speak of my Grandfather and company!
J R Martineau
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