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Finished 50 Ton Rotator Pics

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Topic Created by RT19 in November of 2009:


We want to thank Derek and the "Crew" for an outstanding job on our 50 Ton rotator. This is our second project with "Custom Built" and we are VERY pleased with his workmanship and professionalism and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a quality rig made here in the USA. During the whole process Derek never cut corners and did everything that was asked...hence "Custom Built". Derek is also a distributor for B&A Products and gave us a great deal and saved alot of travel time. We also want to thank them for their hospitality while in Baltimore! We will be load testing this week and will post pictures as soon as we can. We should have the opportunity shortly to test it in a real world situation. Looking forward to our third build.

dangeloautobody said:
this truck scales at 54120 with both fuel taks full it has 19800 on the front axle with the tag up and 13200 with the tag down it has 34300 on the rear axle with the tag up and 29000 on the rear axle with the tag down. these our rounded off figures Derek
Scooby said:
note to mental self..... cut down the exhaust stakes
Oldwinch tubebronze.gif said:
mr. derrick what is that plate that is on the bottom of the frame lift for? Tim
dangeloautobody said:
thats for the new tire lift that we make tim
Wade200 said:
Man that thing looks great!

How do you tow bar things with that plate on the under-lift?
Daniel Wade
Acestowing said:
Nice to see the final pics! looks pretty good, need to get some exhaust on the driver side of that truck! I also was wondering the same as Daniel about tow barring with that plate in the way? What size of pin is in the T bar on that unit, it looks big!
Bryce Weber - Aces Towing
WM 091409 Level 6/7
wvtowman said:
love the looks of that thing !! cant wait to have you build me one to match my black pete i got off you!! hopefully this coming summer!! i'm lookin for the right truck to put it on now. everyone who has seen my pete and has seen it operate has been very impressed!! thanks again derrick!!!
gentlyrotate tubebronze.gif said:
Very impressive, a lot of nice unique touches on that truck, congratulations!
Kama Said:
I believe that i have the only custombuilt that is west of Texas, Derek correct me if i am wrong. I am located up in Canada, north east of Edmonton Alberta.
Jody Oliver
Big Time Towing and Recovery Ltd.
Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada
Scooby said:
any action/work pictures yet??

I can't beleive we have not done "something" with it yet
Ed Barker said:
I really like it,that underreach is an awesome looking piece being able to raise like an integrated.Very nice truck,i would love to see some big iron hanging out there on it.

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