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Knuckle Up

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Topic Created by morrisandsons in February of 2012:


Got a call to tow this 3 axle Knuckle Crane, and with my luck it figures that it had severe air leaks, so cage the 4 cans off, hook up 0222121747.jpg0222121746.jpg0222121720.jpg, drop shaft, lights and nice 60 mile tow to shop, truck picked it easy...


leroy hedrick tubegreen.gif said:

how she ride up front? does it stay down good? looks good in the rear


morrisandsons said:

She rode real nice, I had plenty of FAW. My guess I was picking all of 20k, and I haven't done the math, but I would bet that I still had 8-9k or so on my steer (empty I got 15)


leroy hedrick tubegreen.gif said:

just wondered how she transfered the weight. i know those type of trucks are heavy up front


morrisandsons said:

The big highway dips were interesting sometimes... I REALLY like the underreach on this truck, it makes my job easy having 135" of reach, I upgraded from a 4024...


Kama said:

Hey Art, noticed how you have it chained, do you put a boomer under your underreach to snug up the chains?  If so, this is the same way I do it, but i started to put my chains inside the springs.  When i used to put them where you have them, every once in a while going around a corner I could feel movement.  Now there is none.
Jody Oliver
Big Time Towing and Recovery Ltd.
Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada
Gaylock1 said:
I really like my under-reach, I have done some heavy stuff w/ it.............I will post pics soon....................Paul
Acestowing said:
I normally try to grab those from the rear if they have a big front end in them.
Bryce Weber - Aces Towing
WM 091409 Level 6/7

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