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How do I get ahold of Elon? I just had ridiculous roadside experience!

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Topic posted on the Tesla Motor Club community 03.14.19:


I honestly want to pull my hair out. I would love to let Elon know about my experience this morning with Tesla Roadside Assistance.

The power steering in my X failed today, so my car is stuck in my garage. I called Tesla Roadside Assistance...they sent a tow truck out (costs covered) and I was told it would be to my house within the hour...but they went to the WRONG address (NOT the address on my file nor the address I confirmed with them - I have NO CLUE where they got this address).


Allegedly the tow truck sat in front of this wrong address for ten minutes, the tow guy allegedly called my phone "several times" (my phone was with me the entire time and it NEVER rang), then they left.

When the truck didn't show up at my house after two hours, I called Roadside Assistance and was told, "The tow truck came and sat in front of your house for ten minutes, they called you several times, then they left...and now if we send them out again, YOU are going to have to pay for it." No matter how hard I tried to explain that the truck NEVER sat in front of my house, nor did I get any phone call, the guy wouldn't budge. "I'm sorry, but I can get a quote for you on how much it will cost to come tow your car. We are just unable to pay for it since we already sent them out once." *Cue the tears, because that's the moment I started to cry.

I have a feeling if Elon knew about this, heads would roll!

UPDATE - HUGE kudos to the SLC Tesla Service Center...I called and told them the frustrating situation (after I regained my composure from talking to Roadside) and the manager said HE will pick up the bill to send the tow truck back out to my home. Now THAT is customer service!


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