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Cutting 5th wheel locks


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Topic Originally Created by Jamie Dougherty on Tow411 in February of 2007:


How many of you guys will cut the 5th wheel pin lock to tow a semi trailer that is to be impounded.

And if you do will you replace it for free or at cost to the trailer owner.

Jerrys Road Service said:
I never cut them.i chain tow them 99% anyway so i dont need the pin to tow it.
Jerry's Towing - Santa Clarita ,Ca
Jamie Dougherty said:
How do you tow it of it is loaded. I have never seen a Heavy duty wrecker that can safely tow a loaded Semi Trailer...If I am wrong I can accept it tell me.
nullstowing said:
Cut the lock it is not our problem their trailer was parked illegally. Just my $.02
tator envy said:
I also sling them with the h.d. I use our 320wb v100. It does get light in the front. I was told that cutting the lock was comparable to unlocking a car to take it out of park...a big no no around here."I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not"
mntow07 said:
what i do is i pick the lock open i once had a trash trailer loaded that i had to impound once i saw it was too heavy to tow i picked their lock took it off and put my lock onit and went back and got our tractor to pull it the king pin locks are very easy to pick i practiced on mine and got in like 10 min the hardest part is figuring out wich way to turn it

i also pick open the doors on tractors and ignition switches all of the single sided key s are pretty easy to do the double sided have more tumblers but can be done with patience the only truck i have nt been able to pick is the new volvos with the key in the column

anyone can learn to pick locks it just takes practice i practiced on our heavys ford kw and peterbuilt
tator envy said:
LOL, Ok if it is a police impound the poor old lock would have to go!"I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not"
SouthernStar1 said:
i pick the locks too, on king pin lock and truck/ignition. to me, its the easiest thing to do. when the job is complete, everything goes back the way it was before i picked it up.

and yes, many drivers try to figure out how you moved the trailer when they see the lock still in place.411Banner.jpg
Scot Burrows said:
We keep one extra k/p lock.

We pick the lock on the existing improperly parked trailer, and relocate it with a tractor. We then put on the lock we removed from the last trailer. Keeps the driver from trying to hook to the trailer BEFORE paying the bill.

Just a thought!
BlkWill said:
Slide hammer and a trash can. Sorry buot ur luck. if its too much a stank Ill go buy a new one, we just ask before we price the job.
Just add a new one to the bill
Will Cain
Superior35 said:
I agree with BLKWILL. Class way of handling it. Did one 2 weeks ago, I forgot how much i hated it.(All my tractors were out)It was a sealed container trailer. Had a decal "Caution Super Heavy" my customer stated it was a legal load, but felt worse than I remember. Anyone know at what weight is the label required?
Dallas Horton said:
I went on a call with a friend of mine where a driver had dropped his 53' and put the lock on the trailer and quit, told dispatch he was headed home. The freight company called and asked if we could cut the lock cause another trucker was in route, over an hour of torching she came off. Basically not something i recommend if your in a rush. emoticonthumb.gifemoticonthumb.gif_______________________
Dallas Horton
Bob Berry (Bberry52) tubegold.gif said:
Tools needed 1 airdrill ,1 unibit . Drill the lock out ,its just brass takes less than 5 min. You can also use a battery powered drill. I have also hit them on the lock a couple of times with a sledge hammer and had them fall off.You will have to reach up and pry a small amount of the lock out with a good screw driver .Then pull the little pin out and the lock will drop on the ground.
ciwtows said:
this is a good topic, i usually get the pin free so i can get a nice solid hook with no damage
ChuckTWT said:
I just tow with towbar attachment when loaded. So lock or no lock, not an issue.
towmanjc said:
A K-12 saw makes them come off in 2mins!!
Joe O`Brien
Weavertown towing & recovery & road service
dat1 said:
the gas cap key which comes in an unlock kit will unlock most locks, unless the lock uses a round key.358e72h.jpg
Battleground Tire & Wrecker
Burlington NC
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