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Exotic, but not exactly a car......

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by Truck Repair in August of 2014:


A local businessman approached us a few weeks ago, asking if we could move a balcony he was building. He works in his shop behind his house, and this balcony had to go from there to downtown Martin to be placed on the building (restaurant). He asked for ideas to make the transport easier. We made some suggestions, and he went to work on them. Cast iron does not like to twist, so the trip had to be gentle and slow. We did a perfectly smooth job!a9e26766ab6244edd978f2ea02e9b1246f8bbbcc_r.jpg


Ruledaddy said:

Not bad neighbor. I'll have to look for it next time I'm down that way. emoticonthumb.gif


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