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1962 Caddy Day

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by anyodytowing tubered.gif in September of 2014:


Moving the covertible 15 miles from storage back to the owners home and the 4 door out of the owners garage to the field to sell.





Check out the 'reversed' wheels!



Aztecatowingllc said:

Like the black one..pretty neat for sure. How often do you find yourself using dollies with that truck?


anybodytowing tubered.gif said:

This is a loaded question for sure, so a few disclaimers apply. 1st, Its just me, myself and I. So I only do what I can and them go home and if I can't do it, I loose the tow. 2nd I am a low volume tower. I only average 2 tows a day during the last year and 3rd, When the PD calls for a tow on an accident, we can take what we want.  So if its a 2 vehicle crash I can take both if I want or can...

So to answer your question, I use mine once per month without fail. And yes, I will put a set on my new rollback I am building...



Aztecatowingllc said:

I was hardly poking fun but just curious. I'm all about having the right tool for the job. If it means getting the tow in place of loosing it...or working smarter & not harder, thumbs up!


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