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Topic Originally Created by PRTowing tubeyellow.gif in August of 2013:


towed this roadrunner for one of my tool supplier .the car just got restore 2013-08-07_14-51-00_820_zpsf384c485.jpg2013-08-07_14-51-18_368_zps352bc936.jpg 


wreckerman05 said:

good looking Roadrunner--while growing up I was a GM man, I bought a 69 Ply road runner and Ill always remember the Horn Beep-Beep,was a pretty nice car,just always got hounded by my GM buddies for having it--of course I bought and traded pretty often,built something and would sell it and make a few $$$$--wish I now had some of the old iron I owned in those years--wish I had some of the Novas(had 5),Malibu(2),olds 442(had 5)--Ply products(had 1)--no FOrds in those years-- I remember totaling a new 70 Nova and had to drive a 64 Chev Imp SW for awhile until I could afford another hot rod....this was in my high school  years-- my dad owned a salvage yard,but he was tough on me and I always had to buy what I wanted with my own moneys---


87 Ram said:

Sweet car. Is that a Hemi?


BlackAutoload said:

beep beep

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