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Landoll Work from 2007

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Topic originally created by BLKWILL on Tow411 in February of 2007.


First was a bus that I undecked for a good customer. Second is our good BUDDY "Heffy" helping me out with some work in his area. Machine wouldn't run and was in a area not TT freindly. Third is a FORD rollback that left a fellow tower.
Bus013.jpgWill Cain
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Will Cain
as always nice work will
Larry Styba said:
Excellent Jobs Great teamwork
Cya In the Ditch

Heffy004 said:
Oh, ya......

Where this machine was.....

It was a good thing that Will called be beforehand.

When he got up here & we found out the location...just knowing that it was not in a friendly T/T area.....
We went out in my pick-up truck to "Recon" the area.

A really small side road.......up da hills..........thru the fence......unit has sat since July without running.......dead battery.....blade on ground.....track machine to boot.

"I'll go with ya, Will, with the older Ford 20 series deck....Just towing & trucking in da boon-docks.

I knew that we should have brought a camera to location, but OH WELL !!

Then I lead him on a short-cut to his next location...yup, that was a former customer's location, before he retired, so I knew exactly were it was.

And, then when that was done, I find out that.....

A clam-shell bucket to retrieve from a private lake community side road....

So, we recovered that today & met him @ the local equipment dealer for the load transfer.

But, all in all, it was a pleasure to help another member here out & Map-Quest ain't got all of this area right, yet.

I had Will so high in the boon-docks......He could look out over the hills......


See the Delaware Water Gap.

Catch ya & C'ya

HEFFY emoticonthumb.gif
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