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Some Landoll work

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Topic Originally created on Tow411 by nullstowing in October of 2006.


Just some pictures of a few recent jobs we did with the trailer.

Hauling an antique steam engine.


Hauling a 315C Cat.
Jared, Is that a Petebilt?????????????? With a window in the back?????????? Ok I know .

Old dad looks small in that last picture next to that guy!!! We want pics of you working the truck man. Dad is due for a vacation , come on man.
Will Cain
Berg's said:
What's up with that old steam engine?
Turbo Transport said:
Landoll's rule and If I ever have to coin I will have to bone up! I like the steamer too! emoticonthumb.gif
Josh Peery
Turbo Transport Towing & Recovery
nullstowing said:
dba98, there is a antique farm museum kinda thing just north of us. We hall the steam engines in from the guys farms in the spring and then hall them back to the farm in the winter. It is fun work.
Will dad told me what you were up to. Hopefully I am at the shop when you stop in with it. As far as pics of me I the one that takes the pictures, dad likes taking pictures of his finger!
Kinda like that.
Darryl Burrell said:
Nice job keeping it busy.
towmanjc said:
Nice work!! We do a lot of stuff with our landoll!! Where still looking for number 2 landoll!!nerd.gifJoe O`Brien
Weavertown Towing & Recovery
nullstowing added:
Hauling a Pete tri axle that has the front axle knocked loose.

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