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6000 Member in only 120 Days

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With the exit of AWDirect from the Towing Information Network after more than 14 years as a Tow411 Sponsor. I needed to find another “Major Sponsor” to support our network. While attending the NTEA Work Truck Show last week it just happened a “Well Known Company” offered to add their support and participation as a Platinum Sponsor on the New Force in the Industry.


They had only one requirement and that was, we must double our membership within 120 days. At that time we had just reached a goal of more than 3000 members in 15 months. The next goal was set at 6000 members by the end of 2019. To do this in 4 months is nearly impossible as it will take 25 new members each day. This “Well Known Company” set the bar high, but that is nothing for an Industry that in general sets the bar high every day. If your not already a TowForce.net member will you register today and get us closer to this nearly impossible goal.


Is it possible, yes however it would take everyone that watches this message board to join.


You can join using various methods, there is no cost to join.


DAY 1 - 58 New Members -

Day 2 - 41 New Members -

Day 3 - 20 New Members -

Day 4 - 7 New Members -

Day 5 - 6 New Members -

Day 6 - 7 New Members -

Day 7 - 2 New Members -

Day 8 - 7 New Members -

Day 9 - 7 New Members -

DAY 10 - 4 New Members -

Day 11 - 11 New Members -

Day 12 - 5 New Members -

Day 13 - 7 New Members -

Current Count 3202 Members

Average 18.5 a day - Short 6.5 Members a day.

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With 14,000+ people following the facebook page, I feel there are things your team could do better to rein people in.  Forums are an avenue for discussion, but they aren't 'primary' anymore as Facebook took over for a few years, then twitter tried to compete, now we have snapchat and instagram as primary sources.  Facebook still has a grip on millions of people, there are towing specific groups where people can participate in conversations that have 17,000+ people and is SUPER active on the daily.


My suggestion;

A) Setup a facebook group where members can join and participate in conversations and share things, you will likely be able to recruit followers to the forum (if that's actually needed)


B) Potentially partner with a group that already exists and TowForce can take over as the head of it, giving VALUED information for people to discuss potentially gaining a name and participation from there


other options:


1) Be more active on social media overall.  Not knocking what you do, but your current facebook page is a page that 90% of the time is just posting new forum posts.  People today are drawn to personality, more specifically an individual.  Though the individual part may not fit here, having a personality on the page would help people be more interested or intrigued to help share content and stay active.

2) Hold contests for members to participate in, perhaps some of your vendors would provide discounts, monetary prizes or even some swag.  The contests will get A LOT of hype on social media.


That's all I have time for now.  Don't get me wrong, I'm far from an expert so these are just opinions, but constructive ones.  Good luck securing the new sponsor and the membership growth. :)

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Deville, I have been involved in social media for more than 20 years. I hear what you are saying and the part that is missing here are the percentage of our members that do not use other forms of social media. These are the Forgotten that were at a lose when the old Tow411 Message Board broke. While many members when to the other venues, some are not a fan of the amount of time they are spending keeping up with the topic, posts, threads many of which lack the discussion found on a message board. This is the reason message board are seeing a resurgence.


Here are just a few popular high traffic message boards that have not been effected or are seeing an increased level of activity.








(I will add more links as the time permits)


As for our participation on other forms of social media. We are out there spreading the word about the New Force in the Industry. If you have not seen those interactions and links to current topics then that proves those forms of social media do not reach as many viewers as one would think. But, I will not knock the venues or those who use them. Information is power, getting the information out is not any easier than it was more than a decade ago.


We have done contests and promotions in the past and we will continue to do in time. Time has been an issue, in fact we still have to finish a Christmas Drawing. I take full responsibility for the delay, watch for the new drawing videos to be posted soon. Savannah starts spring break mid week.


Membership will grow, it just takes time. In fact It took Tow411 more than 3 years to break 1000 members in 2004. I stated that it would take TowForce 3 years to break 6000 members and here we are attempting to reach that mark by June 11, 2019 instead of December 2020. Half the projected time span. Thanks for the luck, we got it back...



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