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I have had tons of strange calls over the years.  But this one goes to another level. As far as I know, I have all of the Agero outgoing lines saved on my G-Mail account, which is where my Smart Phone numbers are stored.  The other day, I got a call that was made on an Agero outgoing line.  The dispatcher identified himself as working for a company called SWOOP.  I have never heard of SWOOP.  He wanted me to tow a car from a tow yard in Andover to an auto body shop in Danvers. 


He asked me to tell him how much I would charge him to transport the car.  I gave him a price, which was somewhat higher than Agero pays.  He agreed, so I picked up the car, and headed to Danvers.  The guy at the tow yard informed me that the car would not start.  And that it was stuck in park.  Also, he said that the car was an Enterprise rental car.  When I arrived at the auto body shop, I relayed to him what I knew about the car, mainly that it wouldn't come out of park.  He came outside to look at the car.  He asked me if the car was an Enterprise car.  I said yes.  Then he told me to take the car off of his property.  He said that he had no desire to do a job for Enterprise.  I have no interest whether he likes Enterprise or not.  But because he refused to let me leave the car, I am stuck with it on my truck.  I returned to the shop and I called SWOOP back.  I informed the dispatcher what had happened.  I got another PO to tow the car again.  The next day, I was instructed to take the car BACK TO THE SAME AUTO BODY SHOP.  When I got there, I backed the car into the shop and unloaded it.  And I helped his guys push it in.  The guy from the shop swears that he will never work on that car. 


That auto body shop gave me grief about another car I towed there a couple of years ago.  This car had no keys.  But it was a brand new car with minor damage.  To me there was not much doubt that the keys would show up soon.  But that guy gave me a ton of grief.  He was nicer this time.  But overall, he is a pain in the ass.  I do a lot of secondary tows for Agero.  And I usually go to the same shops over and over.  I've known all of these people for years.  Never a problem.  I am in no hurry to go back to that shop in Danvers.


SWOOP paid me to tow that car 3 times, plus a night of storage.  They paid with a credit card.  No problem YET.  Obviously, there is a connection between Agero and SWOOP, since SWOOP is using Agero's outgoing phone lines. 

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I got a email from agero if your a provider for them they will set you up with swoop same contract rates paid by swoop they now took lincoln rap calls from aaa

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