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South Georgia Members Needed For Bovine Responder Training

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Attention to south or middle Georgia members interested in continuing education. We need additional seats filled in Perry and Tifton, Georgia for the April Bovine Emergency Response training. Read the flyer below.
Registration or Contact info further down the page.
Please share to personal social media if you are south  / mid Georgia. Thanks. Jeff.
Bovine Emergency Response Plan (BERP) – Georgia Responder Training The Bovine Emergency Response Plan (BERP) provides a standardized framework for response to roadway incidents involving cattle transport. All emergency management disciplines are invited to train together regarding the following:
• Incident Dispatch
• Emergency Response Arrival
• Scene Assessment
• Security & Containment
• Livestock Extrication
• Euthanasia
• Relocation
• Mortality Disposal
• Vehicle Uprighting
• Incident Debriefing
2019 BERP Training Schedule – Four Identical 8-Hour Sessions Throughout Georgia
FULL Monday, April 8 – Calhoun, Gordon County Agricultural Service Center 
Wednesday, April 10 – Tifton, UGA Tifton Campus
FULL Thursday, April 11 – McDonough, UGA Henry County Cooperative Extension Office
Friday, April 12 – Perry, Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter
Registration is required for all sessions. Space limited to 50 trainees per session.
Participants must attend the entire 8-hour training session (no exceptions).
Register at the TIME Task Force of Georgia’s website – timetaskforce.com/calendar.
Questions? TIME Task Force of Georgia info@timetaskforce.com 678.730.7417

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We have a live animal rescue team that is owned by one of the large pork producers that will respond to a rollover of a livestock truck. They are very good at what they do get the stock out, coral them and load the live ones on another truck and take care of the badly injured.

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