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REcover Tesla Model 3 from rear

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Hi there ,

Unfortunately we parked our Tesla Model 3 just off our gravel driveway and the rains came and now the vehicle has no traction and won’t move and starting to dig deeper as we try to drive out.  While then M3 has a tow hook up front, we can’t access the front of the vehicle because that area is a big due to rain and already tried to get a vehicle there and got it stuck.  No trees near by.   I have lots of gear (winch, straps, shackles, chain but no good way to do a 3-way pull with snatch lock.  The manual only has instructions on recovering from the front with the tow hook but there is no rear tow hook.  Do you think it’s save to use axle straps on the lower control arms and gently tug the vehicle to firm ground?  It’s a clear straight pull from rear and vehicle will roll, just currently no traction.   

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Never done a model 3 but had to recover a model s that was stuck in the sand it was buried deep. I put a sling thru the wheel and drug it back until I could get to it with the truck. Then I wheel lifted it from the rear and drove it out. It seemed fine. There is nothing to hook to on the rear of those cars. 

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