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Rattle noise 2015 IHI Cummins?

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New to me 2015 IHI Durastar with a 6.7 Cummins/Allison 2500RDS, air brakes with 15,000 original miles.


I bought this truck a couple weeks ago from Missouri, had an International Dealership perform a buyers inspection for me prior to purchase, they said all was like new. Truck was shipped on a semi trailer to me here in Washington.


On maiden trip I noticed air compressor was a bit noisy but not alarming, noise is like drumsticks rattling on engine block when engaged at idle, noise goes away when compressor disengages/120psi. When driving the noise returns on acceleration, same volume & noise as when compressor is building air but all the time when accelerating, even when the compressor is not building air. Let off throttle & noise goes away 100%.


Took it to the local International Dealer, asked a tech to go for a spin with me, he said not normal. I left truck for diagnosis, still under factory extended warranty, 6 days later dealer says noise is normal. I agreed noise is normal when compressor is building air but when its not it should not be making noise when its disengaged, only when acceleration.


Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

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With an Allison transmission there was a big issue with the pto gear being noisy and rattling, could that be the noise you are hearing?  There is no fix for it, I have a Pete that makes a rattling noise, has since new, never gave us any issues.

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Posted (edited)

Thats a good question, from inside the cab it sounds identical to the Air compressor rattle & I can not duplicate the noise while stopped, only while moving/accelerating. It will not do it power braking it in gear at a stop.  I will look into that, thank you.

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