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Some of our old Fords from the 90's

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This is one of our transporters bought new in 1986 …

Fitted with a 6 seater Crew cab, 

Used for distance work in the UK ,    

we ran it over 1.5 million kilometres,

Those old Cargos were very reliable apart from a few silly niggles....11.thumb.jpg.4a52a92cecfe4ed3d95cae2403a402d1.jpg


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Some of our old cargos we ran in the 1990's

we ran 16 in total  of that model.... Ford then introduced the Euro Cargo,  built in Italy …. they were awful for our work !!

  they were in the shop for all sorts of issues we only ran 2 of them and soon got rid....I will find a picture and post it soon 

The medium duty truck is also a Ford...… a Transcontinental....at that time they were very popular for General Haulage....but the cabs rusted out very quicklytranscon.thumb.jpg.303623de8e4639b0b6cbeae08f7d3e20.jpg

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One of our double deck transporters …






Below are the two Euro Cargos we ran in 1992 /3    both built with 5/6 seat passenger cabs they were not very reliable,  got rid after a couple of years 





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