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Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

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So many reading and this new system only registers logged in member views.


If you're a regular lurker registering has never been easier. Do It Now! Please


Doing so will get TowForce closer to a A New Platinum Sponsor that will participate.

However, if we cannot reach the 6000 members by June 11th, we prove them right.

The Towing & Recovery Industry is just too small of a market for them to expand into.

This potential new sponsor wants to get you to their website as they introduce new

products. The have also agreed to post in the General Equipment forum with the

goal of having a dedicated forum. The traffic is here, we just need to get the

numbers up. That means both membership and topic participation. The message

board had good traffic even after it broke. However, it became like "Read Only".


Do not let this community go in that direction. Thanks, Now Reply to the Roll Call.

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Thank you Doreen & Integrated for you support.

We are going to miss you in Florida this year.

Scheduling around the Ky Derby Events just

did not work out for the second year in a row.

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