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Holmes 600R? - Where is it now?


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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in February of 2013:


I was going through some old pictures tonight and came upon this one. This was a light / medium duty rotator from the late 80's or early 90's.

I don't even remember how I got the pictures or what brand the bed is or was. Does anyone remember it or know if it still exists?





jcstowing said:

Did not know they existed...would so get one.


BlackAutoload said:

That truck is sweet. Really like the black truck with blue stripes as well.


Santiam01 tubegold.gif said:

That looks like something from the mind of Bill Bottoms, Challenger way pre-miller, just a guess.........


boltz tubered.gif said:

That is just good looking.  I can see a home for that up here.    Thanks for post.  Any one got an idea what make, or specs?



Has the patent run out on that yet????


uzedcarz tubeplatinum.gif said:

I'm guessing Bill Bottoms as well.


surrytower tubeyellow.gif said:

The address on the door in the second pic looks like Ohio.


Andy35 said:

Was a guy at our yard last weak picking up a wrecked tractor. He was from the Medina, OH area, I think it was H & H towing. He was telling me about his small rotator he had on an S-series International. I was thinking, why would someone build a 600-R on an S-series, but this may have been what he was talking about.


underlift said:

I remember talking to Mr. Parker of Parker Repair in Manteno, Il, years ago! He show me a truck very similar in his storage shed, to many other cars and trucks were in the way, to get a good look at it! He told me, a man in Ohio built two of them! His and another one, unfortunately the Ohio man passed away before he could build anymore! I believe, Mr. Parker still has his truck.


In Memory of NationalAutow tubegreen.gif who said:

Hey Miller - I need one of these !!!!


Sam Mcquire said:

This was Marts body shop in ironton oh just 6 miles from me the bed was called a bounty hunter i do believe not sure where this truck ended up though


tetow said:

you are right he also  had a F350 Tandem With A kw cab   he beat me in a beauty contest ion  Quebec   I came in second


RobertCAdams said:

Did that F 350 tandem with a KW Cab Have a Hydraulic Body on it ????? and Maybe a Sleeper?? Got any pictures of it????


Repobubba said:

Kizer made a small rotator in the 80's only rotated 45 degrees. Saw one on a one ton ford many years ago.




"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is

a Gift, That is why they call it the Present"...unknown


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