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Couldn't get the right front of the unit to come out of the rut that is 12-16 inches deep... driver was turning left and I was winching off the trees to the left and drag link bent so now we’ve been using the outrigger jack to lift the front of the unit. But, it can’t do the job with the Derrick in the down position... boom has 26ft of overhang so I can’t get under it to assist... "Howard Eagan aka Scooby" you got any idea’s ? 😳











The Road I backed in was over a mile.






Yeah, I still don’t have them stored on my rotator ... they are en route and should be down here 45-50 miles any minute... once it’s up and out I’ll finess the drag link closer to straight and we will get out of here...


Topic Originally Appeared a FB 02.13.19

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