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Sergio Duarte


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Is it the whole boom or the tilt that is leaking down ? it could be the valve or the cylinder itself. my Chevron tilt cylinder had a internal leak a couple years ago and would settle on its own after a while. I had to rebuild the cylinder.

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Huh.. I'll have to look at my Chevron. I know mine has twin cylinders on the boom and I think each cylinder has a hold valve. I guess its possible both have gone south on you. Hard to say without looking at it. While your at it, Check the condition of your hydraulic fluid. If it's cruddy that could be causing you problems with your system. 

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My renegade unit has a single hold valve for both cylinders. Now my partner told me when we replaced the cylinders a few years back on that truck it originally had 1 hold valve for each cylinder and that we re-piped for one. Truthfully, i cant remember if it did or not. In any event, it sounds like either the hold valve, one or both cylinders or possibly even the valve body itself is bleeding off. the easiest and cheapest thing to swap out would be the hold valve. I hate to suggest to just start throwing parts at it but  again it is difficult to diagnose it through this forum. I have had a unit that did the same thing once and although it had twin cylinders on the boom the problem was caused by one cylinder leaking back Internally. That was on a jerr dan unit we had. We rebuilt the affected cylinder and never had another issue with it. I always did find it odd that it would do that even with one good cylinder but it did. 

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