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T/T Rollover w/35,000lb. steel inget (from 2007)

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Topic Originally Posted on Tow411 in April of 2007:


Recieved a call from the NYS Thruway Authority for a rolled T/T blocking lanes and a 35,000 inget that had seperated from the trailer. The inget went through the guardrail and Fence it came to rest 150 yards away, in a Field down an embankment.
We rigged the rotator w/ 4 lines (ours has 5 winches), we pulled the unit sideways into the median to open the road. Now with traffic free flowing on both sides of us we rigged for uprighting. We hooked our holmes 1801 to the front of the tractor, just to start the curl, because the frame was so twisted. We then rolled w/tator and prepared unit for towing back to our facility on wrecker.
While that was going on the tator and our 50 ton lowboy attended to the inget in the field, loaded and transport back to our facility. This is why the tator is a perfect piece of equipment for us. We don't get a lot of room or lanes to work with. Mike, Justin, Joey, Dwight and me helped make this recovery a success in a very quick time.
Wade200 said:
I would like to see some pictures of that rotator. Is it custom built? Specs, etc.

And nice job on the recovery!Daniel Wade
Tony's Towing, Inc.
Daniel Wade
Ed Barker said:
Is that the rotator that Scooby was working on??????
It sure looks like a nice unit would like to see some pictures of that unit.
wstowing11 said:
What the hell, I am going to ask for pics of the tator too !!!!!
Scooby said:
looks good, glad to see it out there working
glad to see my welds are holding...lol


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