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P E A U "Old Post from 2006"

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in September of 2006:


Had to go to the pot ash plant in Hersey today and tow this fine unit to Evert (Star Trucking) 35 miles all together.
Hooking up the tow lights was fun. Alittle bit of "DRIPPAGE" fell down on my uniform pants. emoticonjava.gif">emoticonjava.gif">emoticonjava.gif">emoticonjava.gif">






1caleb said:

There is a company here locally that has those same units. On the back of the tank is a big sticker made out to look like a Ca license plate. And it says SHT2GO lol. I'll try to snap a pic next time I see it.



underdog said:

Not a truck I'd like to pull a drive shaft on.
Stay safe, Rich.
Underdog Truck Service


RaymondsAutoRepiar said:

i symphise with you had to tow farmers licquid manure spreader last week. sorry no pics camera was dead. broken rear springs lifted from rear frame while upper dump pipe dripped allover back of my truck. charged him for a wash job and he under stood why!


Jerrys Road Service said:

we do alot of those for andy gump.rear tow or pull axel lol i learned the Stinky wayemoticonbeery.gif


MTA415 said:

I hate them, makes me wanna emoticoncry.gif . I ain't crawlin under no honey wagon, I'm pulling axles baby!I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
MCByersTowing said:
they don't pay enough for me to crawl under one of those axle gets pulled every time !!yuck !!
Mike Colman Byers Wrecker Service

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