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"Facebook Nominations" February 1st - 14th, 2019

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We are seeking nominations for your favorite Facebook Group or Company Page.


That's right between February 1st and 14th we are taking nominations. Each member can nominate ONE Facebook Group or Company Page. You can only Create ONE Reply in this topic with ONE Nomination. An Additional Nomination will Void Both.


Once all the nominations are in the Group or Page with the most nominations will be verified. A link to that Group or Page will appear in the sidebar for 6 months. If you are not a TowForce Member, joining is easy using your Facebook Acct. Info.


Should this prove to be of value to TowForce as well as the Groups and Pages receiving recognition, then we repeat it again in 6 months. The previous leader in the nomination will not be eligible again for one year past their term.


Thanks and Start Now!


For those that do not desire to participate on the grounds you do not use Facebook, you can nominate Tow411. With more than 14,000 likes we will continue to use the page for TowForce content links.





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Wow, I created an invitation to a half dozen Facebook groups. Not one nomination has been added to this topic. At this point unless we get a dozen nominations there will not be a finalist and this will be the last time we conduct this nomination process. Thanks

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