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Wake Up Call...Dually In To A tree...

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Got a call 6 am for a truck pulling a trailer that struck a tree. Our fire department spent some time getting the guy out...






Sheared the Reese Hitch bar in half from the impact...




Recovered it to the road & loaded it on a carrier. The wrecker towed the trailer back and cleaned up the mess with the support van...









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 I hope the driver was ok. was that trailer loaded with anything? Its amazing that the receiver snapped like that. Its even more surprising if it snapped like that with an empty, relatively light trailer. i have seen them bend and get otherwise mangled in wrecks but thats the first one i have seen snap like that. Crazy. Nice work on the recovery and clean up

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I agree...that's why I added that last pic. I don't recall seeing one brake like that. Seen them bend & what not, but it sheared right off. If it was loaded it would of been a mess.

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Ive seen a ball sheer like that before, but it was on a camper that rolled over, but somehow did not take the truck over with it.  In this case, the reason the camper rolled was the camper was too heavy for the truck and developed a serious fish tail.

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