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Loaded Refer Down Creating Environmental Cleanup.

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5-30-07 Day 1

Received a call from the owners of Capeway Express. That one of their loaded 53' refer trailers just came loose from their tractor and was hard down on the street, completely blocking the roadway. This call came into us while we were bringing a truck in that we had just pulled out of the cranberry bog in Carver and the scene was only down the street from the shop, so we were able to respond quickly. I notified Eric of the situation and it was just rolling up to the intersection , he could see that the road was blocked to his right. He dropped the unit that he was towing at our shop then Eric and Jordan went down and did the recovery of the refer trailer. They also discovered that the landing gear went through the fuel tank and had dumped the entire contents onto the edge of the roadway. The police arrived and notified the environmental company and DEP to respond to the scene. Frank Corp. Environmental requested us to assist them in this cleanup job. After the trailer was rigged and lifted, the company put one of their tractors under the trailer and continued on to deliver their load of frozen food. After the trailer was emptied, they brought the trailer to our storage facility, waiting for the arrival of the insurance adjusters.













5-31-07 Day 2

Early the next morning, Frank Corp. Environmental called us and stated that they had numerous large jobs going on and they would like to use our people with our equipment to assist their specialists in the fuel cleanup. They requested the use of our small excavator and front end loader, as well as our bobcat with operators. We sent Eric and David to work with Frank Corp. Environmental and the personel from DEP to cleanup the accident scene. DEP requested that they dig up the entire side of the road, as they dug they kept on testing the soil until they reached clean soil. The second day cleanup took approx. 7 hours.

















Wreckmster said:
Nice Job.. I figured you guys would have some foundry hooks. They make easy work of lifting trailers.
MTA415 said:
Good job Big Wheel, you guys got it all!!
Wade200 said:
Nice job!
That looks looks like a bunch of work just for a little diesel, lol.

I have ripped a trailer hooking like that before (on a heavy loaded trailer). I know that's pretty much all there is to hook to and if it's not real heavy it doesn't matter.
I like the foundry hook idea, even though I don't even have any...yet.
Daniel Wade
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
See the guy in the white hard hat he is testing the soil as we go along with a computer in the back of his car we just dig what they tell us thanks eric.;646.gif
Wade200 said:
I know how the enviro-guys are. And I know they are well paid, at least around here they are. I have seen them dig and patch parts of the interstate before because of just a small amount of diesel.
Daniel Wade
Jerrys Road Service said:
Great rigging good work i love the way you do the 50 ton hook up lol
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca


Waffco Joe said:

Nice recovery + clean up Robert.But,I'lle to admit I'm glad we go nowhere near that kinda of clean up.Give me another load transfer back at the warehouse(lol).Thx for sharing.....Joe


BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:

Joe good though but,the clean up pays 6 times the recovery, that means I would have to do 6 trailer lifts to equal one clean up assist. Just another part of the business that that a lot of recovery companys don't go after. thanks again always nice hearing from you Joe, stay safe, BOB
ASAPAutomotive tubeyellow.gif said:
It's scary to think that around here the FD more than likely would have thrown some oil dry on it, or had the PD bring a few trustees with shovels out to dig up a little sand and toss on it. It's nice to see it done right.
Another well orchestrated job by Big Wheel... as always.
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