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this is interesting.. NYPD HD Wreckers sitting in a warehouse??

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in 2010:
found this while searching.  seemed interesting.  surely they look to be newer IH chassis on the green units

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Response to topic made in 2010:


U know i really don't see how a municipality can justify having it's own tow units!  Especially heavies!


Are private companies really that busy up there? I've noticed a lot of cities now have their own unit's and eventually I fear we the private owned companies will be phased out of the picture! Alas when I started out we did it all extrication, recovery, clean up, remediation,& tow a way's,... now we have extreme rescue units from the fire departments and the police departments to open roads after a crash, high dollar HAZ-MAT trucks that come out and asses situations and call in specialist's to clear minor spill's!(Half bag of oil dri = mucho$$)  impounding cars and trucks! being featured on t.v. shows(like parking wars!) some of the stuff really doesn't make our case look good at all ! Oh wait that's why I stay down south and out in the woods!... 


i would like to know when they put those black trucks up for auction though ! i'd look good drivin one down to the mailbox to see if my unemployment check came yet!.. just ranting a little! Stay safe it's crazy out there!

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