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Looking to Buy a backup Med Duty Rollback


Just wanted some opinions on older rollbacks (2000 - 2008) Pre DEF if Diesel they have owned that were dependable and low maintenance.

Also What Bed MFG, Length and Steel or Alum.

I was considering a GMC with a 8.1 Gas... I like the Fords but the V-10 and low end oil issues.... Since this is only a spare truck I wold like to stay around 20K or under. We have a Fleet Service Truck Garage with a Weld and Fab Shop and Body Shop so I don't mind doing maintenance and repair but some Mfg's parts are very pricy when they break down. Thank You in advance for any input.

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Gas is Cheap right now


Diesel Rig:  F650 with a cummins/allison combo

Gas Rig: Chevy/GMC with the 8.1 or F550 with V10 (this old version is fine, the new one is out of you price range is the one with issues)



You need at least a 19.5', most are 21'

Alum vs Steel

Depends on your areas rust situation.

When buying a used aluminum deck, look at where the beams meet the bed locks to make sure the ends are not cracked off.


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