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Do you have enough Coverage?

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Topic Originally Created by Keen1051 said:


2014 Bentley Convertible V12, brand new, owner bought it, had me haul home, didn't want to drive it. $230,000001-21.jpg
Kells Towing said:
Keen 1051 the one you towed will probably end up the same way as the one we towed yesterday, 1996 Bentley Azure with 21000km maybe after you buy these cars you can't drive them, only tow them, ours had a leak in the hydraulic roof system, customer wanted it towed, instead of driving it to the dealer. Tj
BlackAutoload said:
Amazing how much cash folks can **** away...
Looks a like a toyota solara with a better grill to me.
someotherplace said:
Yeah, I can think of a lot better cars I could buy with that money. 689.gif Or a lot of cars I could buy with that money, instead of just one car! 689.gif

But the point stands, do you have enough coverage? I wonder what our on-hook is with my current employer. Last time it was my job to know these things, TX only requires 50K on-hook. I don't think it would be difficult to cause 50K+ damage to a car like that...

cptowman said:
Had to tow one back to dealer, before approval I had to provide $300,000 insurance cert. ohwell.gif

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