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1969 Chevelle SS

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Topic Created by LSChicago in March of 2014:


I towed this 69 Chevelle SS for a friend. It's a 32,000 mile car, but now has a 1,000HP supercharged big block. It is one of about 200 with factory headlight washers. Here it's going for it's first repaint.




2938 N. River Rd. River Grove, IL. 60171
Phone 708.695.5079  Cell 773.727.2767
Blalocktow said:
Nice Chevelle . How is the 650 doing?
Jef said:
My driveway is missing that car, I'll pay for a secondary tow for you to bring it up here
Nice tow
LSChicago said:
So far very good! My only complaint is the headlights. I'm waiting fot the Maxxima replacements which should be coming within a week or so. I put LED replacements in my pickup, and now I can't believe how dim the factory 650 lights are. Hopefully this week I'll get the driving lights installed.
Blalocktow said:
I put HIDs in mine the work pretty good not as good as the lights in my 550 thu.
LSChicago said:
About the same as the F550/V10. Thanks largely to the extra trans gear.
towman33 said:
Nice SS, how is the fuel mileage on the 650 ? never seen one with the v 10.

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