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Orginal Batmobile $4.2 Million

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Topic created by Motiv8td in Aug of 2013:


Since you guys post up some pretty cool rides, I thought I'd throw in one of our own.

A.T.R.I Med/HD # 473-2013
WM 4/5 #140048
Smith System - Driver Trainer
towman33 said:
That is cool as hell very nice!!! IDK if it's 4.2 cool though.
Raddamant said:
That's insanely cool.
Not to deviate too much, just wondering if you bought special insurance for this tow?
Motiv8td said:
Likely. Our GM is sharp as a tack and I believe his background is insurance litigation. My management team in general is top notch which actually helps make my job easier.
hoover said:
It actually sold for 4.6 million at Barret Jackson
Motiv8td said:
That's what I thought. There were some reports that it was only 4.2. Since I'm not the one who ponied up the dough, I wasn't exactly sure. Our GM has it posted on our Facebook as 4.2 million as well. Either way, still cool to see it one of our trucks instead of a competitor.
TOM JR said:
Doesnt get much cooler than that.

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